How to Realize Profits of 200% in the Stock Market

Penny stocks are some of the most volatile investments which you will find in the stock market which is why they are the sole focus of many day traders. The profit potential is unlike any other investment but just like with any other investment, there is risk associated with it. This is why millions of traders the world over have turned to relying on one method in particular to reliably triple their profits in the stock market.

The method I’m referring to is relying on an analytical stock program to guide your investing for you. These are programs which are based on technology used by professional traders day in and day out to guide their trades.

These programs work by taking the full spectrum of the market into account both past and present. They build massive sprawling databases of past breakout market behavior to identify the factors which led to those appreciations and short-term performances. They then apply this information to real-time stock behavior around the clock in order to find even the smallest overlaps between the two to further investigate.

When they find what they believe to be a high probability trading opportunity, these programs notify you so that you can invest accordingly knowing exactly what to expect in terms of appreciation from that stock so you can get in and plan you exit strategy accordingly. This ensures that emotions are kept out of the equation altogether, making for the most reliable way to invest in the stock market today.

Because it’s such a different analytical process anticipating behavior of a penny stock versus a greater priced, more static stock, some programs exclusively target penny stocks given the far greater volatility associated with them.

Take a recent pick which I received from one such penny stock specific stock program. The pick which I received late Sunday evening was initially valued at $.21. I purchased 1000 shares of that stock which seems like a large investment but again at $.21 that’s really just an investment of $210.

I placed an order when the market opened Monday morning and got on with my own day of work. I didn’t have a chance to check in on it until the end of the day when that stock had doubled to $.43 a share in an eight or nine hours span.

The next morning I made it a priority to check in on that stock as often as possible. I watched as it steadily climbed to $.51 in the first couple of hours alone which you can attribute to other investors without the same knowledge as me taking notice of its previous day’s work.

Ultimately, that stock topped off at $.65, just shy of its $.68 projection at which point they began to slowly reverse. Ultimately I tripled my initial investment in less than 36 hours just by relying on cold algorithmically crunched market behavior and nothing else. This gives you an idea of the kind of appreciation which these stocks are privy to when the slightest trading influence can send their prices skyrocketing or plummeting.