Why Get a Stock Trading Course? 3 Reasons You Need Stock Market Education

When it comes to trading stocks, one of the most important pillars to your success is the knowledge in your head of the markets. This can only be built and refined through a stock market education. Stock market courses guide the student in the right direct and can offer up a lot of advice that it would take years and thousands of dollars worth of investment lost in the markets in order to recover. Here are my three best reasons to get a trading course to learn online stock trading.

The best reason is experience. Trades can take a significant amount of experience to place confidently, and if you are in need of more experience, you can leverage yourself off of more successful people than yourself in order to make cash. Online stock trading is a difficult game, so you need to constantly be consulting people who have more experience than yourself.

The next best reason is to discover effective trading systems. These courses will often come with blueprints for trading that will offer you not only knowledge of the markets, but the stock trading tools necessary to navigate them. There is no replacement for a truly effective stock trading system, no matter what anyone might tell you.

And the final reason why a stock trading course is so essential when it comes to building stock market education is because it offers up the chance to meet other traders and get inspired towards success. Meeting people who are on the way to success like yourself offers up a lot of chances to get inspired by what they have already accomplished and what you can accomplish alongside them. Let this fuel you forward as you get around people like yourself!

Discover an Easy Day Trading Strategy – How to Invest in the Stock Market and Get Fast Rewards!

I got a lot of requests from friends, asking me about information on stock trading, primarily on how to invest in the stock market and make money from it by trading stocks. I am not a professional stock trader, nor am I a licensed specialist in the stock trading industry. I am just a normal investor like you.

Thanks to the advanced search engine of Google, I managed to find many useful guides about stock investing, and I was able to show them to my friends. There was a short and practical guide which I have found, worked out to be the best guide.

My friends started to see money coming in a short while after applying a single strategy to their stock trading portfolio. I have tried that out and it worked, which led me to discover an amazing fact — For those who wanted to learn about how to invest in stock market, it does not really mean that you need to go through all those lengthy processes of analyzing whole bunch of data and fact sheets. Some people experiences more success with a simple stock pick strategy. After all, being simple is the best!

The Easy Strategy

The guide with easy strategy which I have mentioned, it is all about trading the stock index! Trading the stock index  on it’s sudden gap difference will only take you around 15-30 minutes to earn somewhere around 50 – 100 ticks. Set a proper stop loss point, set an exit point, and that is it, that is all you need to make a day trading profit, fast and easy!

The Ultimate Guide to Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks can be one of the most rewarding activities you can undertake as a trader and the reason for this is simple. Penny stocks often make gains of 3-10% on a daily basis with some moving in excess of 20% in one day. Today we’ll take a look at one of the key strategies behind making money with this particular style of trading.

Identifying your entry criteria

One word, breakouts. You’ll find breakout trading with penny stocks is a very rewarding activity. One of the strongest signals you will find with breakouts is trading an ascending triangle pattern. An ascending triangle is simply a break of a common resistant point on a stock that is steadily rising and volume is usually falling just prior to the breakout day.

Ascending triangles are easy to spot on charts and provide a very reliable trading pattern. Whilst this style of trading would be classed discretionary, it can certainly provide some excellent returns.

1 technique to maximize your gains

One thing you will notice when it comes to various trading strategies is that they are all reasonably average in terms of accuracy. Ascending triangle strategies might win around 55-60% of the time and some other patterns are even less accurate. The one key technique that is going to absolutely change everything for you is how you position your money on those trades.

100% a year – how is it possible?

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend it, if you put 100% of your funds into every trade and make 6% return per month compounding, at the end of the year you’ll have made 101%. Simple right? Whilst is does sound simple, it can be a trading nightmare if you get a few of your penny stocks wrong. Why is that? With 100% of your account on each trade you better be watching your stops very closely. The particular money management strategy is the most aggressive I have heard of and would NOT even be recommended for seasoned professionals.

Knowing when to exit

The secret of stock market success has always been to ‘Cut your losses off short and let your profits run’ and it’s no different when trading penny stocks. Employ an aggressive trailing stop strategy that gives your stock room to move, whilst at the same time locking in profits when the ascending triangle pattern breaks out. The best way to accommodate this technique is through trial and error. Get in the market with safe position sizing, experience some wins and losses and tailor your technique accordingly.